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Design and mechanical drawing 2D and 3D

Draft manuals and technical catalogs

Translate technical texts

Provide technical interpreting service

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Listening to your needs for 25 years

With diverse training and experience, we at San Zeno Progetti combine our skills to offer a complete professional service.

In addition to our knowledge and skills, we always provide commitment, openness towards innovations and the ability to compare and listen.

This approach allows us the ability to interpret the client's requests in the best possible way to provide precise and personalized service, whether it is design or preparing documentation or translating and interpreting.


Competences of the Team

With our team, you will find collected skills as well as experience acquired abroad in the following areas:

Mechanical design

Foreign languages

Environmental engineering

Industrial applications

Project management

We specialize in the following software

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Adobe Indesign CC
  • Microsoft Office

3D gallery

Example of design of a hybrid engine for small aircrafts

3D design allows you to create mechanical parts directly in the assembly of which they will become components, in order to see the final result immediately. It also allows you to create realistic presentation renderings and operation or assembly animations

Examples of mechanical design

The 2D design resulting from the 3D design is oriented to the publication of documents that allow the construction of the piece, fabrication of the assemblies and identification of spare parts.

Examples of technical manual

We produce manuals and technical catalogs in Italian and in foreign languages

The use and maintenance manual of a machine, in addition to being advised by the machinery directive, is a tool that can also be used for user training and to disclose the characteristics of a device.

Moreover, it can represent a valid commercial tool not only to illustrate the product you want to sell, but also to advertise the company that produces it.

Example of a manual for a machine used in the food processing industry

Example of a veterinary equipment manual

In addition to use and maintenance manuals, we also make manuals for the use and programming of touch screen panels and other control systems.

Technical interpreting service

We offer technical interpreting services at your site, your clients' headquarters and at trade fair booths(also abroad)

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